Research interests in general are:

  • Field robotics.
  • Mini/Micro Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).
  • Multi Robot Systems (MRS).
  • Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GNC).
  • Remote sensing (RS).

I have already worked with the following programmable aerial platforms (mostly quad-rotors):

ASCTEC X-3D-BL Scientific (ASCTEC, Germany) Dragonflyer (Draganfly Innovations, Canada) AirRobot AR100B (AirRobot, Germany) AscTec Hummingbird (ASCTEC, Germany)
AscTec Pelican (ACTEC, Germany) AirRobot AR200 (AirRobot, Germany) Parrot Ar.Drone 1-2.0 (Parrot, France)

Some of the research areas I have been working on:


  • Environmental Robotics: Towards a sustanaible planet. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (EPS), Madrid (Spain); Feb/2017.
  • Precision agriculture management with quad-rotors. Beijing Institute of Technology, School of Automation, Beijing (China); Jul/2013.
  • Research experiences and lessons learned with Quad-rotors. City College of New York-City University of New York, Robotics and Intelligent Systems Lab, NYC (USA); Nov/2012.

Workshop and conference organization

Editorial positions